Schedule of Events

Cosmic Flights: Friday, April 23, 2021 6:00 p.m. CT

Explore the cosmos & flight theme

Celebratory Opening: Emcee Smitha Vishveshwara Length
Celebratory opening from Rashid Bashir, Matthias Grosse Perdekamp, and Sarah Grosse Perdekamp 12 min
Cosmos: Emcee Nicolas Yunes  
"A Flight Into the Cosmos" by Brian Fields 5 min
 "From the Inside Out: Using night photography to explore our place in the cosmos" by Shane Mayer-Gawlik 10 min
"A Night Under the Cosmos," a live presentation and Q&A with Stephon Alexander 25 min
"Colliding Black Holes and Neutron Stars: The Movie" by Stuart L. Shapiro 15 min
Flight: Emcee Rebecca Wiltfong  
"To See Clearly" by Amy Hassinger and Joy Yang 15 min
"SPIDER to the Stratosphere" by Jeff Filippini 5 min
"Visions from the International Space Station," astronaut Michael Hopkins converses from space with children on Earth 10 min

Theme organizers: Jessica Raley, Patrick Snyder, Smitha Vishveshwara, Rebecca Wiltfong

When Art and Science Collide: Saturday, April 24, 2021 11:00 a.m. CT

Explore the high energy physics theme

When Art and Science Collide: Emcee Lindsay Olson and Patrick Snyder Length
Introductions from panel members 5 min
"Teaching Physics Through Sequential Art" a live presentation by Rebecca Thompson 12 min
"Connections of Art at Fermilab" a live presentation by Georgia Schwender 12 min
"Art and the Elegant Universe" a live presentation by Lindsay Olson 12 min
"Intersections of Particle Physics and Music" a live presentation by Yoni Kahn and "Neutrino Music" a live presentation by David Ibbett 12 min
Q&A with panel members 20 min

Theme organizer: Lindsay Olson

Image of Research is an annual multidisciplinary competition celebrating the diversity and breadth of graduate student research at the University, and is organized by the Scholarly Commons of the University Library and the Graduate College. We are thrilled to feature some of the work from this year that directly ties into our festival themes. These are images created by Nick Antonson, Elizabeth Bello, Patrick Coleman, Reshmi Dani, Daniel Engel, Joanne Fil, Tarek Gebrael, Ishita Jain, Ki Yun Lee, Zhi Li, Jessie Miller, Emily Shinkle, Jiaojiao Wang, and Yiquan Wang.  The entire selection can be found at

View 'Exploring Images of Research'

Quantum Enchantment: Saturday, April 24, 2021 2:00 p.m. CT

Explore the quantum enchantment theme

Quantum Enchantment: Emcee Smitha Vishveshwara Length
"A Light-filled Dawn" by the Quantum Voyages team 15 min
"Quantum Visualizations"  by Emily Edwards 5 min
"Secrets of Superconductivity" by Dale Van Harlingen, Danielle Markovich, and ICAM 15 min
"Persevering in the pandemic: Research in the MRL" by Fahad and Maggie Mahmood 10 min
"Momentary Magnetism" by Carmen Paquette featuring M.A.D.D. Rhythms and Daniel Shoemaker  5 min
"Quantum Weirdness" by the Quantum Rhapsodies team featuring the Jupiter String Quartet 15 min
"Pondering Quantum Physics" by Tony Leggett 10 min

Theme organizers: Smitha Vishveshwara, Rebecca Wiltfong

Art of Life: Sunday, April 25, 2021 12:00 p.m. CT

Explore the art of life theme

Art of Life: Emcee Patrick Snyder Length
"Scale, Life, Law" by Sean Lang 10 min
"Exploring the Brain" by the Quantum Rhapsodies team  12 min
"Diving into the Cell"
   - "Art of Science Dynamism" by Julia Pollack and the IGB Core Facilities (5 min)
   - "Exploring the WW Domain using Sound" by Martin Gruebele, Stephen A. Taylor, Meredith Rickard, Taras Pogorelov, Carla Scaletti,
       and Kurt J. Hebel  (7 min)
   - "Interplay of Light and Life from Atoms to Cells" by Melih Sener, Donna Cox and collaborators (5 min)
   - "Dancing Bugs: The Science of Bacteria, Virus, and Vaccines" by Dance Your Science (5 min)
22 min

"Excerpts from Hool" by Kirstie Simson, Martin Piliponsky and Isaac Zambra 5 min
Premiere of "Solaria: A science-based fantasy on the spirit of the solar system" by Smitha Vishveshwara, Stephen A. Taylor, Rebecca Wiltfong and Nic Morse 10 min

Theme organizers: Patrick Snyder, Smitha Vishveshwara, Rebecca Wiltfong